Barloworld Limited is aware of the strategic and other risks inherent in driving value creation and addresses these risks in a manner commensurate with the returns we aim to deliver.

We have a responsibility to identify, evaluate and manage risk effectively and consider the interests of all our stakeholders.

This is central to our strategy and bold growth ambitions. It underpins our commitment to creating value while inspiring a world of difference, enabling growth and progress in societies we operate in.

Risk assessment

To support our philosophy, we have an ongoing systematic, multi-tiered and enterprise-wide risk assessment process. This ensures that risks and opportunities are identified, prioritised, evaluated and managed at the appropriate level in each Division. Our top risks are dealt with at group level.

Risk and Insurance services department

Our Risk and Insurance Services department oversees the whole assessment process, taking into account strategic direction, ongoing improvement and technical assistance.

Risk appetite levels

Risk appetite levels are set in all Barloworld Divisions, which vary depending on the Divisions’ nature, scope and size.