Worldwide Code of Conduct

One Barloworld: What it means to live by the values

Integrity. Excellence. Teamwork. Commitment. Sustainability.

The words in our Code of Conduct define what is important to all of us. Each of us is personally responsible for abiding by, and applying these values with fairness and consistency. We see a work environment that we all take pride in, a company others respect and admire, and a world made better by our actions. Those in our company who lead others hold a special position of responsibility to set the example of what it means to “live by the values.”


  • The foundation of our success is the high ethical standards we set for ourselves, to which we hold ourselves accountable and we are proud of our reputation for integrity and excellence.


  • We delight our customers by being agile, innovative and powered with the knowledge and expertise that our customers value. We provide industry solutions with deep knowledge of our customers and their needs.
  • We recognise the need to be comfortable with constant change. We adapt and learn new ways of doing things and create a sense of urgency across the business to deliver excellence.


  • We work as a team, and not only think of ourselves in terms of our respective divisions, but also of our collective performance as Barloworld group.


  • We instil a high-performance culture by being fully committed to and accountable for our own high standards of performance and holding everyone in our teams accountable to their commitments.


  • We look to the future and work towards having a substantive positive impact on our stakeholders, balancing our financial, human, manufactured, social and relationship, natural and intellectual capitals for the benefit of current and future generations

We all contribute to the proud heritage of Barloworld and build a legacy of growth, performance, integrity, and ethical leadership

Together, we build the values-based culture that will carry us forward and secure our future success.

Together, we uphold the reputation of our company and strengthen it for tomorrow.

Together we inspire a world of difference.

We are one Barloworld, one company united by these common values and a shared commitment to the highest standards of conduct.

How do you report an ethical issue or concern

Barloworld has a Whistle-Blowing policy in place that provides the framework for raising concerns. You can consult the policy for more information. In summary, if you become aware of a circumstance or action that violates, or appears to violate, our Code, a Barloworld policy, or applicable law, contact your supervisor or local management as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact the Barloworld Ethics Line. Employees or others can report unethical behaviour that affects the Barloworld group by this independent and confidential system.

South Africa:

  • Free Call: 0800 003 248
  • Free Fax: 0800 007 788
  • SMS: 32840

Outside South Africa:

Barloworld will not penalise you because of raising an ethical issue in good faith. In addition, Barloworld does not tolerate any reprisal, retaliation, retribution, harassment, or occupational detriment by any individual against an employee for raising a concern or making a report in good faith.

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