Barloworld Khula Sizwe B-BBEE share scheme

The Nguni phrase Khula Sizwe means to "encourage the growth of the nation". This is the name of the Barloworld proposed board-approved B-BBEE transaction that was approved by shareholders on 14 February 2019 at the AGM.

As a responsible corporate citizen Barloworld is aligned with the national development imperatives of advancing inclusive economic transformation and growth. To that effect the Barloworld B-BBEE transaction aims to contribute towards nation building and addressing some of South Africa’s national development imperatives, advancing economic transformation and growing an inclusive economy.

We truly want to inspire a world of difference and our B-BBEE transaction fuels this commitment. The transaction is Long Term, and its participation is Broad-based and it is Sustainable.

The Barloworld Khula Sizwe B-BBEE share scheme prospectus will be available in April when the scheme opens.

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Khula Sizwe Presentation and FAQs

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